Learning Singularity is close

Learning Singularity is close

Gone of light shed gently the darkness of my office this morning when I put the first cup of coffee down on my desk. After sitting down I lifted the steamy cup to take a sip. When the brain cells came in succession one after the other, I followed the computers startup routine. When the routine ended, I sat thinking of the goals I had set for the day.

When the computer sat down, I went to Goggle Documents. After logging in, I opened folders to several of my independent students. Each folder contains all the suggestions I had given each student to achieve their specific independent learning goals. Each student is dedicated to a specific independent learning task. When I opened each folder, I found a document explaining what they had discovered during the last day or so. Still through the folders, I examined journal entries, notes, spreadsheets, presentations and reflections that each young person had written about the work. A number of my students are many, many miles away. I rarely see them face to face. But I often communicate with them. Several times a day I write a short response to an email, text message or post on My Space. Sometimes we talk on the phone about something that intrigues one of them.

They follow all their own individual paths into a field of competence they have chosen. While working on their chosen tasks, they also fill the things they require from the culture of standard education. But they have all left the cafeteria for the kitchen. They make their own recipes for their own intellectual meals.

I then went to an Annenberg Interactive course on statistics to brush up my skills in that discipline. I am reminded of the importance of a random random test in a statistical study. The site used an example of blood testing to help me remind you of acceptable variance.

In another part of the world, a student in West Texas signs a class at the Texas Virtual School. After checking in to find out what his mission is, he will work until they are ready and move on and participate in life. He will work with the horses at his parents ranch. During this bright spring day, he will spend most of his time in the clear air learning to handle real life. Other young men and women will spend this beautiful day from square to square space following a schedule designed for institutional convenience rather than intellectual growth.

In Houston, a young actor goes to classes at an academy run by the major music theater in our city. Then she will practice for a performance that will soon happen. She will also continue a study that allows her to graduate without entering a classroom. She is well on her way down the road to singularity.

Over at a seller of independent adult courses, a dad takes courses in oriental cooking. He recently completed a basic cooking technique. He will use his children and his loving wife as experimental subjects for their homework.

My Blackberry is playing a little let me say I have an incoming text message. Jeremy wants a reference to help him understand the reason we work with polynomials in algebra. He does not want to know how to do them. He is successful in working with polynomials. He wants to know why. I go to Google where I write some keywords and send the results to him.

Each of these individuals follows an individual path. Everyone is asphalted with the dream of learning at his own pace and with the power in his own motivation. Soon, every single student, whether young or old, will have achieved his or her goals. At that time, all of these clearly cross different paths in the place where human mind has absorbed and regularized some new learning. At that time, the illustration of the new paradigm is the singularity where all learning takes place.

The new learning syllabus is not only close to being here. The mass production model for education is dead. It just has not stopped going yet. Like a zombie, the old mass education approaches timber along munching on the childrens brains. Hold them back when they can move on.

Oh yes, the new students singularity is here. I just see it over there. Just down the road to attract more and more techniques to bring children, adolescents and adults to their maximum development. In my mind I stand at the stern of a star ship. The first mate asks me which mission Sir; What direction should we go? I simply say lets go against the singularity.

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